Tag: poetry

Item 159

Who said you couldn't Hunt while in hospital? Certainly not any of us! Show off your large-scale cartoon skills by writing the longest poem (or drawing the largest mural) you can, all about the adventures of a virus caught in a hospital, on a scroll made from a roll of...

Item #152

As seen in the 2016 coffee table book! Write a poem in binary so that the zeros and ones also form a beautiful pattern.

Item #72

Presenting a poem by Misha Collins and TheSubtext I’m going to tweet something to you on Wednesday, August 3rd in the afternoon. Or morning. Or evening. I’m not sure. Anyway, you must pass it on when you see it that day (PDT time zone). a screenshot of your post. In...

Item #69

Item #69: Create a beautiful kindness haiku on a nice, homemade card and mail it to or leave it for your parent, grandparent or any other older adult who has influenced you. Take a picture of the Haiku.