Tag: cosplay

Item 173

Complete one of the more challenging items on your team’s homemade gishwhes Item List.

Item 171

A stump grinder with a unicorn decal, being pushed by a child no more than 7 years old wearing a pink princess costume. (Edited because Misha is not much into stump-grinding and thought a stump grinder was something else.)

Item 146

Two nice suburban monster moms out for a day of shopping at Hoxton’s Monster Supplies in England.

Item 127

These Kung-Fu Nuns (dare we say “Nunjas?”) are biking through the Himalayas to stop human trafficking. (No, really.) In their honor, let’s see some tricks on a BMX bike. Rider must be dressed in a nun’s habit.

Item 117

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole. Let’s see Dean Winchester driving a pedi-cab or quadricycle with Castiel & Sam as passengers.

Item 116

Not many people know this, but the Kessel Run was actually a foot race. Let’s see at least 5 Star Wars characters competing in the Kessel Run in a shopping mall.

Item 112

A ballet troupe in tutus, engaged in a bar brawl - freeze framed at its most climactic moment.