Item #12

Item #12: Show us what Supernatural will look like at the start of Season 50.

Item #10 Item #10: Find someone you love and butter them up; literally, cover them in butter and then give them a big hug.

Item #9

Item #9: A drawing, painting or digital image (no photoshopping of existing images) of Misha and the Queen as 1950s pin-up BFF girls.

Item #8 Item #8: You and a friend must build and launch two dueling paper airplanes using only your mouths to build and launch them.

Item #5 Item #5: FELICIA DAY ITEM. Do a dramatic reading of your grade-school report card.

Item #4 Item #4: Get 10 of your friends to stand on a field or lawn. Strap inflated balloons to 5 of your friends’ stomachs. The other 5 friends must pop these balloons using only the impact and weight of their bellies or their bums (they can’t use hands, feet, mouths,...

Item #2

Item #2: Do the one thing that you think, if everyone did it, would change the world for the better overnight. Caption the image or video with what you’re doing.

Item #1

Item #1: Beautifully recreate one of these painting optical illusions or another one you find on the Internet using real bodies and/or props: