Item 205

We’ve received a bit of criticism that the hunt is “not really a scavenger hunt, it’s just Misha getting people to help him with his chores.” I’m honestly shocked anyone would say that! Also, people have been complaining that there are “too many geographically specific items” (items that require you to show up at a certain place). I want you to know that I’m listening and processing your feedback! So, I’m adding the following item: Help me help you help me help myself. Show up at 10 AM PDT sharp tomorrow at this location in Bellingham, WA. Wear long sleeves (pants and shirt) and bring a small bucket. Pick at least ONE quart of blackberries and DEPOSIT them into my big vessel so I can make lots of jam. For the item submission you must do two things: 1) You must find the woman in the sock monkey hat with the sheet of paper who is taking down team names and 2) You must take a photo of yourself with your bucket of berries. We will cross-check our list with your submitted photo as your proof. No taking pictures with me, because last year we did that and it ended up taking forever. If no one one on your team lives nearby, you may assign a surrogate, but no surrogate may service more than one team.